Experience SAP Fiori UX

Discover the new face of SAP software with the SAP Fiori user experience. Using modern design principles, SAP Fiori provides a role-based experience across all lines of business, tasks, and devices.


SAP’s UX strategy is about the design and development of delightful applications according to the SAP Fiori concept. SAP Fiori apps adhere to this concept and can be deployed on-cloud or on-premise. Experience SAP Fiori in the cloud for demos and for productive use.


Explore selected transactional apps that contain sample data and enjoy a beautiful SAP Fiori user experience that is personalized, responsive, and simple.

  • Use SAP Fiori apps that are now deployed on SAP Cloud Platform.
  • Experience how SAP Fiori apps in the cloud access data from on-premise backends.
See it in action

SAP Fiori Cloud is now available for productive use on all SAP Cloud Platform data centers, worldwide. To get your own productive account for SAP Fiori Cloud, please reach out to your SAP contact.

For more information, visit us on SCN and SAP EA Explorer.

Transform SAP Fiori web content into a secure, branded native app that can be installed on any iOS or Android device.

  • Create line of business apps with a simple to use, drag and drop approach.
  • Understand how to build SAP Fiori apps can access native device features.
  • Experience lifecycle management tools and the full value of a cloud-based development infrastructure.

Lines of Business

Try a selection of transactional apps that apply the SAP Fiori UX to sample data and enjoy a beautiful user experience that is personalized, responsive, and simple. Experience apps across different lines of business.

Human Capital Managment
Travel & Expenses